Veterans Day has always been a time that reminds me not only of the countless Americans that serve our Country, but about my family. My grandfather was a career military man and fought in three wars for our Country. Not only did he sacrifice his own livelihood, but spent years away from his wife, and his five children.

As everyday citizens we often ignore the battles of our past and present, and the people who are on the frontlines fighting for our freedoms. We don’t take the time to think about the effects war has on them when they are gone or when they return home.

Regardless of your views on war or your opinions on current conflicts (of which I have many), we still must have respect. Let’s honor the people who have selflessly dedicated their lives yesterday, today and tomorrow not just when they are abroad, but when they return home.

I had the honor of interviewing several Missouri veterans two years ago when I worked for the State of Missouri news team. We produced a series of videos that they still promote using #MissouriHeroes – Check out all the stories here